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¿Did you know that traditional play has an important role in the mental health and emotional well-being of children?

Play promotes resilience, healthy socialization, and creativity.

That’s why, at Fundación Atención Atención, one of the cornerstones of our programs is play. Through our program, “La Hora de Juego,” we have reached children all over Puerto Rico who have had to endure difficult times in the past 6 years. From hurricanes, earthquakes, to social isolation, which has affected academic setbacks and their ability to develop fundamental life skills.

To continue with our mission and reach more children and communities, we have created the #JugarSana campaign, where we aim to educate the community about the essential role of play in the socioemotional development of children.

You can support us in our mission. With an investment of $25, you can cover the expenses for a child in La Hora de Juegofor an entire month.

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Jugar sana

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