Fundación Atención Atención began in 2013 with the mission of facilitating education and innovative strategies by offering workshops and/or resources to parents, teachers, and health professionals responsible for children with different or special education needs to help them acquire new skills and tools that would allow children to reach their maximum potential. In recent years, hundreds of workshops have been given to over 12,500 persons. In 2017, immediately following Hurricane María, Fundación Atención Atención felt compelled to take the next step and broaden its horizon. As such, it developed the “Play Time” project. This project set the wheels in motion to prevent the potential negative effects that an event of this magnitude could have on children, because play is an activity that allows difficult events to be processed, stability to be recovered, imagination to be developed, social interaction to be encouraged, and resilience to be built up. However, as the months passed, we realized that the need to work on these skills far outweighed the emergency we were facing. So, as the project continued to grow, the Playing = Learning Workshop was developed to expand its scope to include adults.



Our mission is to serve as a facilitating agent, providing training and alternative tools for teachers, therapists and parents to provide the necessary preparation to children with special needs, allowing them to develop and strengthen their abilities, and raise the potential of their skills and knowledge.

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