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At Fundación Atención Atención our mission is to ensure that each child becomes the best version of the adult they can be. The first six years of life mark a fundamental period in the development of minors. During this time the boy and the girl acquire the basic psychomotor and cognitive skills that will be established for their entire life because, as the psych pedagogue Francesco Tonucci said, “All the most important lessons in life are made by playing”. It is also the time to acquire values, a fundamental element for the integral development of people.

But adults are responsible for providing children with the spaces and tools that will help them grow in an integral way. Therefore, Fundación Atención Atención serves children, and provides learning experiences to the adults responsible for their education and care. That knowledge allows them to perform their work with excellence.

Piaget, Montessori, Sauri and many others indicate that we facilitate learning in childhood when we use music and play, as it improves performance in reading, language, mathematics and academic performance in general, further enhancing other areas of development of the human being. Different learning and the way of accessing knowledge, as well as the cognitive, affective and psychomotor planes, can be favored if we start these learning processes at an early age.

Thank you for your interest in our work. We invite you to join our effort to rebuild Puerto Rico, one child at a time.

Paula Rivera Solanas
Executive director
Fundación Atención Atención



Our mission is to serve as a facilitating agent, providing training and alternative tools for teachers, therapists and parents to provide the necessary preparation to children with special needs, allowing them to develop and strengthen their abilities, and raise the potential of their skills and knowledge.

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